Are you on YouTuber, Instagrammer, blogger or otherwise active on SoMe and do you think it is important to keep your car in presentable condition?
Pineline is looking for brand ambassadors on various SoMe platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram during the remainder of 2020. As Pineline's own brand ambassador, we deliver products to you in exchange for your content.
Send us an open application and tell us about your SoMe channels as well as how many people your channel reaches within a month. We are primarily seeking influencers with over 3000 followers, but if your body of work is high quality and you have a smaller but loyal audience, just get in touch and don't let a smaller number of followers bother you.
People who use Pineline products at work can also be brand ambassadors!
In any case, state the following in your application:
• Why exactly do you fit as a brand ambassador for Pineline?
• What kind of content would you create and how often?
• What kind of content have you created on your SoMe channels before?
• Links to SoMe channels and number of followers as well as reach + followers' age and gender distribution if possible.
We select brand ambassadors throughout the year and respond personally to your application as soon as we have processed it. Use the contact form on our website (link to the form).