Award-winning chemicals for professionals, industry and maintenance.

Keys to success for car washes.

For industry

A high quality and comprehensive range of products for the demanding needs of industry and maintenance.

For car washers

Better washing results faster. Biodegradable detergents developed for car wash machines.

For professionals

Professional products, developed to make the job as efficient and fast as possible.
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Pineline, known to professionals, has been a leading manufacturer of car wash and industrial chemicals for more than three decades. In-depth expertise combined with curiosity and courage have made Pineline products pioneers in quality, safety and innovation.

We use our experience every day to expand on our product lines and add new and higher-preforming products to remain at the cutting edge of modern wash technology.

Pineline car care products are the first in Finland to be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan Mark certificate.

Biological water recycling

Pineline products have been developed for use with biological water treatment methods.
Biodegradable products support the biochemical processes in bioreactors, resulting in a higher degree of water recycling.

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Getting cars clean in variable winter conditions is a challenge. Many blame this on road salting.
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