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Tekno-Forest Oy
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Uncompromising quality since 1994

Tekno-Forest Oy is a technochemical company established in 1994, specialising in the manufacture of professional Pineline detergents with a lower environmental impact, without compromising on quality and efficiency. By choosing Pineline products, you can be confident that the detergents will work and you will get clean once and for all.

Pineline products are manufactured by Tekno-Forest Oy in Finland, at its own factory in Riihimäki.
Tekno-Forest Oy is part of Pineline Group -companies.

Pineline Group Oy is a Finnish investment company that invests in high-tech companies and real estate. The company operates in Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic States and Russia, serving a wide range of technologies in the car wash, forestry and real estate sectors, investing in their product development and environmental technology.


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Our email addresses are [email protected]

Esa Mäkinen

Managing Director
+358 40 048 0527

Chris Linder

Country Manager (Norge & Sverige)
+47 908 79 617

Tomi Pohjolainen

Technical support
Chemicals for industry and maintenance
Car care products for professional use
Car care and consumer products
Safety Data Sheets
+358 40 5432 797

Niklas Moisio

Offers / technical support
Chemicals for car wash machines
Car care products for professional use
Car care and consumer products
+358 50 355 0370

Tomi Toijonen

Production and deliveries
+358 50 410 8102