The challenges of mechanical carwashing: washing brushes

Mechanical car washing is an excellent alternative for cleaning your car, as long as you have space in the car wash.
take your time to observe before making a decision to buy a wash. With a simple rule of thumb
it's easy to decide whether it's worth taking the car in for a wash or saving the paint and skipping it.

The biggest challenges in the mechanical car wash are considered to be the washing brushes, which are relatively common in the
may scratch car surfaces. This stems from the fact that in a brushed
machine washing is believed to leave dirt between the brushes and the paint surface. During washing, the dirt scratches
the car's paint surface according to the movement of the brushes.

However, the challenges of mechanical car washing can be overcome when sufficient knowledge and skills are combined.
In the extreme conditions of the northern climate in winter, even an excellent brush shampoo alone is not enough for a great result. Sufficiently effective dirt pre-dissolving is crucial for the cleanliness and durability of your brushes. That's why the pre-wash chemicals used in the washing machine are key. To meet this need, Pineline developed Clean Brush Technology™ - a system of washing chemicals.

Pineline Clean Brush Technology™ detergent system prevents dirt from sticking to the washing machine
brushes while protecting the car's surfaces from scratching. Pineline Clean Brush Technology™
therefore reduces the mechanical stress on the car's surfaces and prevents the car's surfaces from
scratching and the swirl-mark effect caused by brushes.
For the best results, it is essential that the laundry has the full Clean Brush
Technology™ detergent system from pre-wash to drying. Until
then perfect chemical synergy and the best possible end result is achieved. Mechanical
a dealer offering carwash services must follow the dosage instructions provided by the manufacturer, and
concentrations of chemicals and application solutions.

What the car wash owner should also be aware of is that the brushes of a car wash machine should not be washed separately or replaced every year, the key is to maintain the brushes with a system of washing chemicals to keep them in good condition.

The simple rule of thumb for the car wash customer is to have clean and tidy washer brushes: they should be clean and the ends of the fringe should not be stained or cracked. Only clean brushes will clean your car's paintwork without scratching it, and machine washing will remain a hassle-free cleaning option that you can use when the situation calls for it, or to avoid the risks of hand washing due to unsuitable washing equipment, insufficient rinse water and pressure.

In a nutshell:

  • With the right detergent system, your car wash brushes will stay in good condition and won't collect dirt that could scratch your car's surfaces.
  • To make sure your car washer is safe, check the condition of the brushes.
  • Environmentally friendly Pineline Clean Brush Technology™ keeps car wash brushes clean and thus extends the life of the brushes. For the dealer, this means no need to wash the car wash brushes separately. Mechanical wear on the brushes is minimised, which also extends their lifespan and prevents customers from driving their car to the carwash with dull, dirty brushes.

Pineline Clean Brush Technology™ is based on product and concentration recommendations that depend on the season and weather conditions, among other things.

See here for all products dedicated to mechanised car washing. If necessary, contact your Pineline dealer.