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Product no. 216
Description Mildly alkaline detergent concentrate for cleaning aluminium and yellow metal components. A pre-wash for assembly, painting and final processing in the metal and workshop industry.
Special features Low-foaming at temperatures over +60 ºC. Removes cooling lubricants, protective agents, and metal deposits, facilitates follow-up treatment of cleaned components.
Instructions for use Check no detergent or dirt residue is left in the machine.
Add detergent concentrate to 70 – 80 °C wash water. Dilution 1 – 3 %. Add the product regularly to maintain effective washing and prevent foaming.
Note! Read the instructions for safe use on the label or in the Safety Data Sheet.
Store sealed at +5…+30 C.
Working environment Ensure adequate ventilation. The product is easily biodegradable and meets Ecolabel requirements.
Technical data Form and colour: clear liquid
pH-value(20 ºC): 10.8
pH-value(1 wt-%, 20 ºC): 9.8
Relative density: 1,07
Contents Phosphates: < 5 %.
Package 25 L, 200 L.
Other information Made in Finland.


Product description

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