Genuine and original Pineline Tehopesu is a domestic quality product. Pineline Tehopesu, based on pine oil, has been providing the brightest wash results since 1993.

Pineline Tehopesu is inspired by the Finnish forest industry and pine oil. Pine oil has been produced in Finland for hundreds of years, but as technology has developed, it has become possible to refine pine oil into increasingly technical products for a variety of applications. The Pineline Tehopesu is powered by a powerful pine fatty acid ester, or pine oil solvent, made from pine, which has been proven to have unrivalled efficiency. The overwhelming test victory in a detergent comparison conducted by Tekniikan Welt is proof of this.

Pine oil also has excellent biodegradability properties in both acidic and non-acidic conditions, which is why the original Pineline Tehopesu was the first in Finland to be awarded the Ecolabel in 1994.

The most common detergents on the market have a high pH value (pH above 12), which means that the washing performance is based on the corrosive effect, which is why many detergents have to be classified as corrosive. The situation is different for pine oil solvent, as the washing performance is based on dissolution and not on corrosion. The original Pineline Tehopesu is therefore suitable for almost all general cleaning applications, from sauna cleaning to carpet cleaning and car washing.

Eco-friendly Tehopesu

Tehopesu is the first solvent detergent to be awarded the Ecolabel in Finland. It is also the undisputed test winner of Tekniikan Maailman, which makes the decision to buy it an environmental act.

A domestic classic

The classic Tehopesu has been developed and manufactured from start to finish in Finland. The product development laboratory and production facilities are located in Riihimäki, in the southern part of the province of Kanta-Häme. The Tehopesu, which is thoroughly Finnish and always as reliable as ever, has been awarded the Key Flag of the Association for Finnish Work, which the Tehopesu has proudly worn for years.

Places of use
  • Car surfaces
    Tehopesu is a safe and gentle detergent that leaves a shiny, slightly waxy finish.
  • Tractors
    Tehopesu is an environmentally friendly, but also effective detergent that makes it easy to wash tractors and other agricultural equipment.
  • Boats
    The cleaning power of the Tehopesu is based on the cleaning power of pine oil. Its environmental friendliness makes it ideal for washing boats.
  • Heavy equipment
    The high-capacity Tehopesu is an excellent choice for washing and cleaning heavy equipment.
  • Caravans and caravans
    A classic among caravanners, the versatile Tehopesu effortlessly cleans the toughest stains from caravans and trailers - both exterior and interior.
  • Carpets and general cleaning
    Versatile and versatile, the Tehopesu is suitable for almost all surfaces and all environments.
Versatile and safe

The cleaning power of Pineline Tehopesun is based on pine oil, which creates a shiny and even waxy surface after washing. Pineline Tehopesu is non-corrosive, a safe and gentle detergent that is suitable for almost all surfaces. Unlike many detergents on the market, Tehopesu is not classified as a permanent eye damage agent. It is not only safe in all respects, but also an extremely effective all-purpose cleaner.

Product no. 100
Description Original Power Wash, TM test winner. Tall oil based detergent for washing vehicles, agricultural equipment, boats, caravans, terraces and carpets. Also suitable as a car shampoo and multipurpose cleaning agent for washing floors and walls.
Special features Extremely versatile and user-safe cleaning agent. Can be applied with foam lance.
Gives a polished shine to cleaned surfaces.
Instructions for use Dilution:

For difficult dirt: 1 part detergent to 10 – 30 parts water (3 – 10%). Soaking time 1 min. Rinse thoroughly with water.

General cleaning:

1 part detergent to 100 – 200 parts water (0.5 – 1%).

Other hard surfaces:

Dispensed as such into the foamer bottle and adjusted to optimum foam formation. The foam is applied to the surfaces to be washed from the bottom up. Effective time max. 3 min. Rinse with plenty of water.

Note! Do not let the substance dry on surfaces to be washed.
Avoid use in direct sunlight.
For pump pumps and pressure regulators, we recommend the use of a fluororubber sealant, commercially known as Viton sealant.
Read the instructions for safe use on the label or in the Safety Data Sheet.
Store sealed at +5…+30 °C.
Working environment Ensure adequate ventilation.
The product is easily biodegradable and meets Ecolabel requirements.
Technical data Form and colour: clear liquid
pH-value (20 ºC): 10.7
pH-value (1 wt-%, 20 ºC): 9,7
Relative density: 1,03
Contents Non-ionic surfactants: 5 – 15 %.
Package 1 L, 4 L, 10 L, 25 L, 200 L, 1000 L.
Other information The product has the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (licence no. 4013-0027).
Made in Finland.


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