Pressure Wash HD

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Product no. 760
Description Highly alkaline detergent concentrate for cleaning transport, excavation, lifting, garden and process equipment. Also suitable for maintenancerelated cleaning, industrial process equipment cleaning, and surface cleaning prior to treatment.
Special features Removes resin, grease, waxes, insect residues, grass stains, waterborne paints, etc. Effective for cleaning truck tarpaulin covers. Also suitable for dispensing via high pressure and steam cleaners.
Instructions for use Dilution 1 – 30 %. Temperature of wash water: 5 – 80 C.
Soaking time 1 – 5 min. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Note! Do not spread the product onto light-metal, galvanised or other sensitive surfaces.
Read the instructions for safe use on the label or in the Safety Data Sheet.
Store sealed at +5…+30 °C.
Working environment Ensure adequate ventilation.
The product is easily biodegradable and meets Ecolabel requirements.
Technical data Form and colour: clear liquid
pH-value(20 ºC): 13.8
pH-value(1 wt-%, 20 ºC): 11.9
Relative density: 1,06
Contents Non-ionic surfactants: 15 – 30 %.
Sodium hydroxide: < 5 %.
Package 25 L, 200 L, 1000 L
Other information The product has the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (licence no. 4065-0006).
Made in Finland.


Product description

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