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Product no. 400
Description Highly acidic detergent concentrate for cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Detergent for wash tunnel floors and walls.
Special features Removes deposits, lime, oxides, rust, and algae, moss, concrete splashes and welded-on metal dust.
Instructions for use Dilution 5 – 30 %. Soaking time 1 – 3 min. Rinse thoroughly with water. If necessary, neutralise with an alkaline substance.
Note! Only for professional use. Do not let the substance dry on surfaces to be washed. Corrodes most common metals, glass and glazings, such as bathroom tiles. If you are unsure about the suitability of the product, experiment at first on an unnoticeable spot. Read the instructions for safe use on the label or in the Safety Data Sheet. Store sealed at +5…+30 °C.
Working environment Ensure adequate ventilation.
Technical data Form and colour: yellowish liquid
pH value (20 ºC): 1
pH-value(1 wt-%, 20 ºC): 1.5
Relative density: 1,04
Contents Sulphuric acid: < 15 %
Package 4 L, 25 L, 200 L.
Other information Transport information: UN No. 3264. Made in Finland.


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