Wood Lubricant

Product description

Product no. 550
Description Pine oil based biodegradable lubricant.
Area of use Automatic slat, component and moulding planers and manual woodworking machines, in which the wood to be worked slides against a metal surface.
Special features Reduces friction between the wood and the substrate. Dissolves resin, does not impair the after-treatment of wood pieces. Protects iron and steel from corrosion.
Instructions for use Dispensed as such with the help of a lubrication pump. Consumption: 0,2 - 0,5
dl/cubic metre.
Note! Porous materials wetted with the substance, such as sawdust, trassels, cloths, blankets must be rinsed with water before disposal. Store tightly closed in a cool place.
Technical data Form and colour: dark, runny liquid
Viscosity (20 ºC): 40 mPas
Relative density: 0,9
Flash point: > 160 ºC
Contents Pine oil esters: > 30 %
Package 25 L, 200 L.
Other information Made in Finland.


Product description

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