We invest in packaging lines

The Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has awarded Tekno-Forest Oy a development grant to renew the production lines at the company's production facilities in Riihimäki. Tekno-Forest Oy, which develops and produces Pineline detergents, aims to increase its production efficiency by investing in packaging lines, thereby increasing its production capacity and improving energy efficiency.

The new production line is expected to be operational during 2020. The line renewal project will not cause any disruption to the availability of Pineline products.

Tekno-Forest Oy, located in Riihimäki, has been manufacturing detergents under the Pineline brand since 1994. The company specialises in the manufacture of professional detergents for industrial, cleaning and car-washing applications with less environmental impact, while maintaining the same high standards of performance and quality.