Ready-to-use PinelinePower Cleaner, sold in handy spray bottles, is the perfect solution for removing many types of dirt that you might difficult.

The situation shown in the picture is an annoyingly familiar sight to many car owners during the winter season. Typically, the rims and lower sides of the car are covered with dark asphalt and salt dirt.

Fresh asphalt pitch and salt dirt may leave surface with traditional washing, but even then it tends to stick to the brush/sponge, from which it is almost impossible to remove.

After drying, the road pitch and stubborn salt dirt are an even more vicious problem with no solution other than a raw solvent. Pineline Power Cleaner is a great solution to the problem, as a raw bio-based solvent it is as effective as hydrocarbon solvents, but as a hydrocarbon-free product it is much safer and more comfortable to use.


Even if the amount of dirt brought by the winter or the road construction site is mere nuisance, it is advisable to carry out pitch removal as a routine before waxing the car, regardless of the season, in which case you should carefully spray the lower parts of your car with Pineline Power Cleaner.


Pineline Power Cleaner 0.5 L is packed in a handy spray bottle, which makes the surface to be cleaned easy to prepare. In addition, the Power Cleaner is easy to rinse from the surface of the car with water immediately after the exposure time. Power Cleaner is not classified as flammable. It is slowly volatile and has a mild odor, unlike traditional hydrocarbon solvents.


In addition to removing pitch and asphalt residues, Pineline Power Cleaner is also suitable for removing other cumbersome grease and oil. Typically, the product is used e.g. for the removal of lock melt and fuel spills, but also for the disposal of tape and adhesive residues, e.g. from glass surfaces. In addition, the product is suitable for cleaning engine parts and industrial greases.

Pineline Power Cleaner is a domestic, eco-labeled product. You can find the product of the season in all well-stocked department stores all over Finland. Also available from industrial retailers in 25 L, 200 L and 1000L containers.

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