Pineline Super Wash is a classic product familiar to many Finns, also known as Pineline's own flagship. After winning overwhelmingly a test in a major detergent comparison conducted by the Tekniikan Maailma, it has found its way into numerous warehouses, cleaning closets and garages, washing various items since 1993.

The tall oil-based detergent concentrate is perfect for washing vehicles, but there is much more to the versatile classic. It is worth harnessing the product to its full benefit, as its dilution ratio is only 0.5 - 10%, depending on the object to be washed, which means that one liter bottle can easily wash many other washing items in addition to the car, motorcycle, terrace furniture and sauna.

Once the ready-to-use detergent has been made by adding the detergent concentrate to a desired amount of water, the product is suitable if for any surface. Although the product achieved its test victory due to its efficiency, one of its most significant features is also its versatility. We put all the operating tips together - maybe in the future there will no longer be a chaos of different jars and canisters in your closet, but one product will be enough for at least the majority of your washing needs.

1. Cars and vehicles

The best-known use of wax-safe Super Wash is probably the cleaning of the exterior surfaces of various vehicles. Please note that you can also wash the car's interior and benches with Super Wash!

2. Tractors and agricultural equipment

Super Wash is environmentally friendly, but also an excellent detergent concentrate. It is used a lot in handover washing of new agricultural and forestry machines - and, of course, later in the maintenance of equipment after commissioning.

3. Boats

In addition to washing land-going vehicles, power washing is also ideal for washing boats. The product's effectiveness is based on the cleansing power of tall oil, and Super Wash is an eco-labeled product. However, if your boat has a noticeably stubborn waterline staining, we recommend using Pineline Hull Cleaner to remove it.

4. Caravans

It should come as no surprise that many caravan owners favor Super Wash. When cleaning caravans and mobile homes Super Wash is unrivaled, as it easily cleans caravans standing under birches, for example. In addition, the product is also handy for other washing needs within the caravan, because when diluted into a spray bottle, it creates a good APC.

5. Floors, walls

The power source of Pineline Super Wash is a pine fatty acid ester made of pine, ie a tall oil solvent, the effectiveness of which has been proven to be unparalleled - also in washing the floor and walls.

6. Counters and general cleaning

Super Wash is perfect for all the basic cleaning needs of the home, when it is diluted to a general cleaning agent in a spray bottle suitable for the intended use.

7. Rugs

It is pointless to go to shopping just for a carpet cleaner. Eco-labeled and eco-friendly Super Wash is also ideal for washing carpets.

8. Terrace

The main raw material for Super Wash is tall oil, which has excellent biodegradability properties. Thanks to this, the product has been carrying the Eco-label since 1994. Taking this into account, the product can also be used to wash the terrace of a home or at summer cottage.

9. Yard furniture

When spring comes, nothing is as rewarding as cleaning your summer furniture from dust and arranging your patio or other outdoor space. Summer is welcome, once the patio and yard furniture has been finished with Pineline Super Wash. Lasting Super Wash removes even stubborn pollen and other unwanted types of dirt after a short exposure time.

10. Sauna

The most common detergents on the market have a high pH value (pH above 12), which means that the washing performance is based on the corrosive phenomenon and therefore many detergents have to be classified as corrosive. In the case of tall oil solvent, the situation is different because the washing efficiency is based on dissolution and not on etching. The original Pineline Super Wash is suitable for almost all general cleaning - so it's also great for sauna washing!

Pineline Super Wash is a completely domestic product and it proudly carries the Finnish key flag symbol. All Pineline products have been developed and manufactured in the southern part of Tavastia Proper province in Riihimäki, where both the product development laboratory and production facilities are located.

Pineline Super Wash is a versatile classic that is suitable for dispensing through the foam lance as well. Please comment below for what experiences you have using Super Wash!

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