Tekno-Forest Ltd., which manufactures Pineline products, has directed its product development and raw material choices to be even more ecological, without forgetting efficiency and quality.


Tekno-Forest Ltd. is located in Riihimäki and manufactures Pineline – a product line for consumers, I&I and the car wash industry since 1994. The products have been forerunners in both quality and safety, as Pineline car care products were the first in Finland to be granted with the Nordic Ecolabel certificate.


Bio-based and sustainable development


In the selection of raw materials, we follow the principles of sustainable development even more precisely. Fossil-based raw materials are replaced by bio-based raw materials produced from industrial by-products, or produced responsibly in other respects. A good example is the innovation developed by Tekno-Forest Ltd., in which a bio-based solvent refined from tall oil made traditional fossil hydrocarbon solvents unnecessary in several different industrial applications. Packaging and labels are also manufactured using more recycled plastics and biomaterials, thus having a smaller carbon footprint.


Readily biodegradable raw materials


In Tekno-Forest Ltd.'s product development, special attention has been paid to the rapid biodegradability of raw materials. This is a significant cost factor in car washes that can clean and recycle their own water. Commercial bioreactors have achieved a recycling rate of more than 90% of wash water when using the Pineline detergent system. Therefore, Pineline products are ideal for car washes, washing tunnels, and Roll-over washing machines, where the Nordic Ecolabel certificate could be applied for covering the entire process. A swan-labeled washing station equipped with a bio-treatment plant is not only an ecological act, but it saves significant costs, up to tens of thousands of euros a year, e.g. due to reduced fresh water costs.

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