Products for washing car interior and exterior surfaces. Washing a car inside and out improves a car’s usability, increases its durability and helps to retain its reselling value. Pineline’s cleaning, polishinging and protective chemicals combine effectiveness with product safety and have the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Pineline’s cleaning chemicals do not burden the environment and are made in Finland for Fthe Nordic conditions. You are sure to find the best solution for cleaning the interior and exterior of your car from this group of high-quality car care products. 

Acid Cleaner
An acidic detergent concentrate for cleaning clear coat and glass as well as other acid-resistant su..
Active Foam
Alkaline prewash concentrate suitable for car wash foam generation equipment. Effectively removes tr..
Car + Go
Effectively removes soot and other coarse dirt. Also suitable for dispensing via high pressure, hot ..
Glass Cleaner
Neutral, ready-to-use detergent for washing and treating glass surfaces. Leaves a dirt-repellent, an..
Insect Remover 30
A ready-to-use alkaline detergent for removing insect residue and other protein-based dirt. Removes ..
Power Cleaner
For removal of grease, protective compounds and asphalt residue in vehicle servicing and industrial ..
Rim Wash
A ready-to-use detergent for cleaning steel, aluminium, painted and plastic-trimmed wheel rims. Effe..
Super Wash
Tall oil based detergent concentrate for washing vehicles, agricultural equipment, caravans, botas, ..
Tire Shine
Product data sheetSafety data sheetDownload the product images:Tire Shine 10L (JPG)Tire Shine 1..
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