Industrial surface treatment, assembly and finishing require the treated products to be flawlessly clean. Washing applications in the metal industry and workshops are challenging and complex, since the material of the object to be washed and the type of dirt vary, and various methods of washing are used. Service and maintenance washing also requires an excellent washing result. Pineline’s product range contains solutions for different water-based washing and grease removal methods, ensuring a high-quality end product.

Acid Cleaner
An acidic detergent concentrate for washing glass, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, floors, walls, t..
Comp-clean 35
Highly alkaline detergent concentrate for washing iron and steel parts. A pre-wash for assembly, pai..
Comp-clean LT
A highly alkaline detergent concentrate for wheel-washing machines in vehicle repair workshops. Also..
Defoamer WRS
Silicone based antifoam...
Graffiti Remover GR5
A special solvent to remove graffiti and stains from sensitive surfaces. Does not cause polycarbonat..
Comp-clean FA
Highly alkaline detergent concentrate for washing iron, steel and aluminium components in mechanical..
Metallic Cleaner
A highly alkaline detergent concentrate for removing oil, grease and soot from engines, fireplaces, ..
Parts Clean
Mildly alkaline detergent concentrate for cleaning aluminium and yellow metal components. A pre-wash..
Power Cleaner
For removal of grease, protective compounds and asphalt residue in vehicle servicing and industrial ..
Pressure Wash HD
Highly alkaline detergent concentrate for cleaning transport, excavation, lifting, garden and proces..
Wood Lubricant
Tall oil based lubricant. Suitable for automatically operated lamella, component, and moulding/plani..
Super Cleaner
Highly acidic detergent concentrate for cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Deterge..
Universal Cleaner
Tall oil based multipurpose detergent concentrate for industrial and workshop environments. Removes ..
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