Our range of products for automated car washing was developed with the extreme northern climate in mind. The product range uses extremely effective biosolvents to remove even the most stubborn dirt. No environmentally harmful hydrocarbon solvents are used in the Pineline product range. 

You can tell that high-quality detergents are used from the clean brushes in a car wash. Pineline Clean Brush Technology™ keeps brushes clean, so no dirty brush residue is left on the corners of the car even at the dirtiest time of the year. Clean Brush Technology™ has been developed for both car wash tunnels and roll over machines, keeping in mind difference in types and durations of programs.  It also significantly slows down the wear of the brushes, lengthening their service life. For these reasons, Clean Brush Technology™  is an excellent  choice at the stations that are using monthly subscription payment methods.  

Pineline-detergent system has an option for SHINEX-airwax, which is the only wax system in the market that is applied using pressurised air. SHINEX-program uses undiluted 100 % wax, which can achieve over 60% increase in gloss and a “smooth effect” almost equivalent to hand waxing. SHINEX-air wax creates long lasting and protective layer on car’s surface.

Active Foam
Alkaline detergent koncentrate. Effectively removes traffic film in touchless wash programmes. Gener..
AirFit Apple
A perfume for air generator used in washing halls...
Asphalt Remover
Extra prewash concentrate for cleaning off bitumenfilm and road salt. Also dissolves residue from lo..
Shampoo concentrate for use in automatic car washes with brushes. Keeps washing brushes clean and le..
Drop Off
A special product for wax programs in automated car washes. Can be used as a foam, hot or pressurise..
Heavy Duty
Biosolvent-based and alkaline detergent concentrate specially for winter conditions. Removes residue..
Insect Remover
Seasonal pre-washing product for automated car wash insect removal programs. Can also be used as ord..
Lava Foam
A special product for automated car wash Foam Splash systems. Forms a thick, light foam. Reduces fri..
Lava Wax
A special lava-product for automated car wash "Foam Splash" systems. Forms a thick, light foam. Impr..
Polishing Wax
A high gloss Carnauba-wax based concentrate for polishing wax programs at automated car washes. Enha..
Rinsing Wax
Very fast-acting drying accelerant for final rinse in automated car wash. Forms water droplets, thus..
Shine XL
Special polymer-based foaming & polishing wax concentrate for automated car washes. The special ..
Super Gloss
Special wax for the Shinex air wax nozzles in automated car wash equipment. Provides an excellent sh..
Super Gloss W5
A special wax for the Shinex air wax systems in automated car washes. Suitable for textile brushes a..
Tire Shine SS
A ready-to-use restorer for tyres and other rubber and plastic parts. Suitable for use with both man..
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